In this year's ninth edition of the magazine Shonen Sunday S. from the publisher Shogakukan It turned out that the manga adaptation of the film Detective Conan: private eye in the distance, written by Yutaka Abe and illustrated by Jirou Marudenwill end with his next chapter on August 25th.

Abe and Maruden started publishing the manga in Shogakukan publishers' Shonen Sunday S magazine on January 24th. Previously, he adapted other films from the franchise to manga, including Detective Conan: Zero the executor.

The film was released in Japan in April 2013 and performed 6.6% better than the 16th film. Detective Conan: The eleventh striker.

Detective Conan: Private Eye in the Distance Synopsis

The film takes place on a state-of-the-art Aegis ship in full cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Japanese maritime self-defense forces. A body of a self-defense officer body without the left arm was found in this area, indicating that a spy has infiltrated the ship. The heroine Ran is in danger and Conan is forced to face the dangerous "Spy X".

Source: ANN

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