One blow man is one of the titles that is becoming increasingly successful worldwide, also thanks to two television seasons that have contributed to the spread of the franchise in the West. The merit of this popularity, however, is due to the ingenious imagination of the duo from ONE and Yusuke Murata.

The great work of the designer of One Punch Man, who decided the changes made to the original web comic himself, is particularly evident in the graphic representation of the manga, which is one of the most visually appealing works of the Shonen panorama today. Murata's artistic talent He is accompanied by a brilliant screenwriter who has curated an exciting and varied visual language with professional details.

Recently a fan, a certain Jag_00tried to do something special, that is reconstruct the face of Saitama through computer graphics. The questionable result, which you can admire in a clip at the end of the news, shows the legendary protagonist as he turns his funny look into a decidedly more serious one. The funny video has caused a sensation in the committed Reddit community, with thousands of recognition events and dozens of comments.

And you, what do you think of this reconstruction, do you like it? As always, tell us with a comment below, but not before you find the one-punch-man chapter 132 spoilers that promise a sexy return.

Serious real-life mode from r / OnePunchMan

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