While we wait for the new chapter to be released Dragon Ball Super On Manga Plus, fans on the internet have already started discussing the first content that has leaked through the usual spoilers. One board in particular caused nervousness in the committed community.

The Dragon Ball legacy passes into Toyotaro's hands as the Sensei learns to withdraw his freedoms from the supervision of his mentor. Akira Toriyama. Despite the narrative freedom the author seeks, there has been some criticism from fans of his style, in this case regarding the composition of the tables. Chapter 63 not only revealed the fate of Merus, but also showed fragments of a great battle waged by a spectacular choreography by the angel.

The blow Merus inflicts Molo With his stick from the bottom up, he is very reminiscent of some scenes from Naruto, including the fight between the protagonist and Neji. To do that Similarity between Toyotaro's and Masashi Kishimoto's table is the composition of the very similar panels. In reality, it's not the first time a writer has taken a cue from another mangaka to create a particular scene. The same father of Naruto "copied" several pages from Ushio and Torah for example. However, it would be enough to carry out further research to see that this is a legitimate and widespread practice in the sector, even if it creates particular noise.

And on the other hand, have you recognized this similarity? Let us know with a comment below.

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