Nameks are one of the most interesting alien races in the vast universe of dragon ball, and part of the attention given to them lies in the veil of mystery that still shrouds many aspects of their society and physiognomy. On this last aspect, a detail has surfaced in the new film, commented on by master Akira Toriyama.

Choosing to focus on it again Gohan and Piccolo in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, it was received positively by a large part of the community. In addition to the new transformations of the two protagonists, which create a lot of discussion, there are some innovations in the film, including the strange revelation of the shape of Piccolo's feet and thus the Nameks.

this is that For the first time, a Namek takes off his shoes in the series, and this choice surprised even Akira Toriyama. "I think they look more or less like Earthlings, but the nails are black, like the fingers." so the master commented, referring to the original design thought in the manga where Piccolo's nails are black.

From this little bracket the author then came to a reflection on the Namek himself. "Piccolo is quite a complex character. He was originally the Demon King Piccolo, separate from the god who created the Dragon Spheres of Earth. He was then defeated by Goku, and the son, or rather his own doppelganger, that he left behind entered the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament under the name Ma Junior to hide his true identity. Later, in the fight against Freeza, he became stronger to join the Namek named Nail, only to then reunite with God, an event that brings us to his present situation. It is such a complicated path that even I sometimes have a hard time remembering it.

Finally, Toriyama reiterated that Nameks have an aptitude for knowledge and try to avoid fights. Warriors like Piccolo are very rare. In essence, therefore, the Nameks remain a mysterious race even to the Creator himself. Tell us what you think of what Toriyama said in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the advanced theories of Piccolo's transformation and the sensational spoilers of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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