Warning! This review on Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter eight contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 8 The day to see the ocean

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter eight begins with Hina’s dream, which seems to be a memory. The filming of the film continues, but Youta’s mind begins to think about what will happen after this summer, more specifically about the possible goodbye to Hina. These thoughts lead him to confront his parents, who reveal the truth of the self-appointed deity. After Youta knows everything, she decides to meet with Hina’s father, but the meeting is more bitter than sweet. For his part, the hacker finally managed to track down Hina and get to her father’s house. Now there are only four days to the end of the world.

Revealing the truth

The long-awaited truths are all finally coming to light. As it was obvious, Hina is not a relative of Youta, nor is she a machine or anything like that, she is simply a girl who has lost everything. In reality, Hina is the granddaughter of Dr. Korogi, the man the hacker and CEO are looking for. She arrived at the Narukami house on the instructions of her grandfather, who, according to Youta’s mother, who anticipated her death, made the necessary arrangements for her to look after her granddaughter.

But that wasn’t the only truth we discovered. Hina was left by her father, who is still alive and has started a new family. This information causes Youta to find out more. His desire to learn more about Hina is based on his fear that one day he will simply disappear as soon as he arrives. Despite the cruelty of looking for someone who has already left you, Youta insists on wanting to find him and doing something for her friend. After all, it was Hina who helped everyone behind the scenes, and her intense feelings of meddling when the family is involved make Youta even more about helping her meet her father, although he’s not sure what really wait for it.

The meeting with the parents is not at all cute, for a moment Youta imagines the worst, but it’s just a misunderstanding. What he discovered on this trip exceeded all his expectations. The Hina he knows and appreciates is not the one man remembers. The hina of his memories is a sick girl who can neither speak nor move. She is a girl with a terrible illness that ultimately destroyed her family. From the father’s story, it is easy to interpret that the guilt for Hina’s illness exceeded her mother, who ultimately made the worst choice and ended her life. What follows is a sense of defeat and cruelty. The man left his daughter and never thought of finding her again.

As I said, it was not a pleasant journey and what was discovered along the way was a bombshell for the person who received it. Hina’s past turned out to be far more tragic than we imagined, and while we have found out a lot about her, the most important thing remains: how did she recover? Though at least under all evils, we can say that it was not a wasted trip because it was the first time Hina saw the sea.

The limit of wonder

While it was a horrific encounter, we have to admit that what Hina’s father said gives us the biggest clue about the entire series. She is essentially a miracle, we don’t know how it happened, but in fact she has recovered from an incurable disease. The point is, no one can say that she actually fully recovered. Sir, he is very punctual on this, there is no cure for Logos Syndrome. Whatever happened to Hina, it could be something temporary that is about to die out any moment.

With this in mind, it must be said that there are many indications that suggest the disease will return. The first, of course, is his miraculous recovery. It would be very naive to believe that the miracle just happened, and this is where your grandfather comes in. We could already see from the hacker’s inquiries that he was using biotechnology after a very intensive investigation. The second clue is the time for the end of the world, it seems more and more certain that the world that will end will be Hina’s own. After all, the last clue is the moment, according to Hina it suddenly happened that exactly 334 days ago he became a “god”. That was perhaps the moment when his grandfather’s experiments took effect.

Anyway, the most important thing is that the clock keeps ticking and it seems that we are nearing the end of a miracle. If the above is true, it will weigh even more heavily on all summer memories. And unfortunately, we wonder about the future, because we still face two options if the fateful prediction comes true. If it is true that the disease will return, two things can happen: Hina will end up in a vegetative state, or in the worst case, she could simply die. Whatever the result, it will wreak havoc on Youta, who has already assumed that Hina has great weight in his life. Anyway, if now it feels like we’re all crying.

Final comment

Kamisama ni Natta Hi Chapter eight was an episode full of revelations, it’s the most shocking chapter yet. Not only did we discover the truth about Hina’s past, but we also understood that her circumstances are more tragic than we originally imagined. In the midst of all of this, we could also think that while she is a vulnerable girl who misses her grandfather, she is also a strong person who is able to face her past and leave it behind. She knew from the start that she couldn’t want anything from her father, there wasn’t even anything she wanted to say to him. She actually made this trip for Youta’s sake, more than for herself.

Before I finish, I have to say that in this chapter I found the close interaction between Hina and Youta more natural. The previous chapter felt a bit forced and without much climax, but this time everything could feel more harmonious. Maybe it’s because there weren’t any romantic overtones this time around. We really saw the two of them as themselves, with their nonsense and caring for each other. I really feel that they are ideal for family affection, other feelings that I don’t see as real.

So far, I leave you the usual questions: What did you think of this chapter? What was your impression of all the revelations given? What are your theories about what to expect from Hina? In the next episode we will see the hacker’s progress, everything indicates that he has already been able to connect Hina to Youta.

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