Dragon Ball it got us used to it, to the point of recognizing exactly the moment when the work was about to reach the peak of its epic nature. That explosion of energy that culminated in a sparkling aura decreed the beginning of the fight to its fullest.

How many times have we heard the term "has a very powerful aura" without ever really understanding its meaning. As you well know, in fact, it refers to the practice of Zen Buddhism, literally intended as awakening in a spiritual sense. In the perspective of Dragon Ball, however, Akira Toriyama he used the so-called "ki"to describe another peculiar situation. To clarify the concept of the aura, as usual, is the writer Derek Padula which reveals:

"Sudden enlightenment occurs in a moment of extreme lucidity which triggers the abandonment of bonds. This event, therefore, is followed by a" BOOM "of the mind and body which unlocks full awareness and supernatural latent abilities."

In the case of Gohan, in fact, the shock caused by awareness of the vital principle teaching them on their deathbed from C-16 triggered a chain reaction that culminated in the second level Super Saiyan. And you, on the other hand, did you know this curiosity? Let us know, as usual, with a comment below. In any case, you can deepen the topic by tracking through the search engines the terms of Zen practice "dΓΉnwΓΉ" and "satori".

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