There are only a few hours left to the latest website dedicated to the immense franchise of Dragon ballAhead of the arrival of the new one, which will debut on May 9 in connection with the long-awaited Goku Day, and while the first rumors of the next news are starting to hit the internet, the first details have been revealed on the user interface.

Indeed, as reported in the post shared by @DBSChronicles that you can find at the bottom of the page, images mostly related to the mobile version of the website andofficial app that will be available on May 9th from 4am and available to everyone. The updated graphics with particularly intuitive menus and submenus seem to make interaction and navigation much easier and faster for all Android and iOS users.

The page is included Continuous updates of all current and upcoming projectsThis includes the manga, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes advertising series, news about goods, trading cards and of course news about the next film, which the master Akira Toriyama recently announced with a message to the fans.

We also remember that Goku and Chichi got married about 32 years ago in the final episode of the first series, and we leave you with a ranking of all the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z sagas, from worst to best.

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