Now that you've covered the finale of The Knights of the Zodiac's main animated series together, it's time to see how to go about it to enjoy all of the works that have come about in the Seiya's narrative universe.

The first product that follows is definitive "The Knights of the Zodiac - The Lost Canvas", Prequel series of the classic that tells of the war between Hades and Athena. Then it is the correct turn of the Main series from 1986 and of the four feature films made while the latter was being broadcast, that is "The goddess of discord", "The fiery battle of the gods", "The legend of the scarlet warriors" is "The Last Fight". The next step is the vision of "The Knights of the Zodiac - Saint Seiya - Hades", Implementation of the last ten volumes of the manga via OAV.

At this point we need to see the series of ON ONE (Original Anime for the Network) de "Saint Seiya: Soul of God", a spin-off parallel to the Hades saga and shortly after the 2002 film "The Knights of the Zodiac - The Gates of Paradise", set after the saga of the ruler of the underworld.

Now it's the turn of the ONA series, dedicated to the warriors of Athena "The Knights of the Zodiac: Saintia Sho"In this regard, the manga artist from Saintia Sho recently announced that the work is nearing its end. We then move on to the true main episode of the classic saga "Saint Seiya Ω"that tells of the new saint of Pegasus, that is Kougaand the fight against that God mars.

At this point only the film is missing "The Knights of the Zodiac - The Legend of the Great Temple"who in turn tells the battle between the Bronze Knights and the Gold Knights in the Twelve Houses, e "Saint Seiya - The Knights of the Zodiac", this is the remake of the ONA series of the main remake produced by Netflix.

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