Warning! This review on Tokyo Revengers Chapter four contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ ニ メ 「リ ベ ベ ベ ジ ジ ャ ー ズ」

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter four begins when Hina and Takemichi return from school. When Hina proposes to Takemichi to study together, he begins to enjoy his time in the past, but an accident leads him to return to the future. In the present, Takemichi is in Naoto's house, who has taken care of his body in the past. Before Takemichi goes back to the past, he wants to gather information about why ToMan became this way. The Mikey she met doesn't seem like someone capable of committing so many crimes. To meet with Mikey, Takemichi meets with Akkun.

Things don't go as planned because Akkun admits he threw him on the subway tracks. He also tells him that he hasn't seen Mikey in years. But the most important piece of information it gives him is that Mikey changed after Draken's death. Then he says goodbye to him and commits suicide by throwing himself out of the building. Akkun's death brings despair, but also a new determination for Takemichi. Now it's not just about saving Hina, but also Akkun and Draken.

Changes over time

Amid so many emotions, let's take a moment to talk about the common thread of this story, the journey through time. This episode makes us realize that Takemichi is a time traveler. He can go back 12 years from the moment he is. That means, if it is currently May 7th, 2021, your journey through time will take you to May 7th, 2009, exactly twelve years ago. However, this is not the only requirement for your travels. The other falls on Naoto when a handshake with him activates the journey.

Although the conditions for traveling are relatively easy, there are things that are not that easy. For example, your present self, what happens to the Takemichi of the present while your consciousness is in the past? Everything indicates that his body is entering a lifeless state. Therefore, it is dangerous for him to go back in time if no one cares about him in the present. Undoubtedly, someone else is needed, in this case Naoto, to begin the journey most successfully because when he goes back in time, the one who stays in the present can monitor his body and make sure nothing bad happens. Which only leaves us wondering what happens to the past takemichi's consciousness when the one from the future takes his body?

Not only did we learn how Takemichi's skills work, but we were also able to review his time management. One of the big problems with time travel is inconsistencies, as changing the past can have unexpected consequences. Faced with this problem, the parallel worlds solution was given, but this is nothing more than consolation that doesn't really ease the pain of why time travel was sought in the first place. This story forgets about consolation and relies on a single reality in which the past can change and change the present.

We're already starting to notice this because while he hasn't made a radical change to protect Hina, Takemichi has already managed to change an event from the past, the incarceration of Akkun. But it's not only that, her meeting with Mikey made another change. By putting these two things together, a new future was born. But as I said, these things can lead to inconsistencies. Biggest of all, Akkun confessed to throwing Takemichi on the tracks, and as we know, it happened on the first timeline, and if so, why? I mean, Akkun shouldn't be related to ToMan, and neither should Takemichi. What actually brought you into this situation? It could be understood in this new timeline, but it doesn't make much sense for the first one. There is one detail to consider.

Crying hero

Aside from the timing details, I think it's important to have Takemichi recognized again. This coming and going in time gave him a maturity that he had left aside. He had lived his life without purpose, fled trouble and withheld his emotions, but this adventure of regaining courage has brought great progress for himself. I'm not going to say that he was completely transformed, but without fear of being wrong, I can assure you that he managed to advance his beliefs tremendously. Though it's still a long way from resolving things.

At this point in the story we can see that Takemichi has already earned the recognition of several, that of Hina, Draken, Mikey and also that of Akkun. The reason for this is simple, Takemichi is a man of integrity, he is not strong and maybe he is not that brave, but he is determined and strives for what he believes in. Akkun's words reflect this. Because although Takemichi is afraid and cannot help but cry, he remains firm in his ideals and does not shrink from confrontation, even if he has everything to lose. It is precisely this attitude that those who know him admire. It is not your physical strength but your will that enchants others.

Takemichi is a hero in the idyll of many, he has conviction, willpower, charisma and great courage to face others and himself. Takemichi's tears were never synonymous with weakness, on the contrary, they are another source of his strength. Only someone who is strong can burst into tears and still not withdraw from their opponent. In short, he is not the perfect hero, but when the ideal shows his empathy on both sides, he understands the other and makes himself understood. In many ways, Takemichi is the hero we all need at some point.

Final comment

Tokyo Revengers Chapter four was a series of ten. We had laughter, excitement, drama and intrigue. This chapter should be distinguished by the fact that it fulfills its role very well, namely to begin the first great arch in this story, the Möbius arch. It should be noted that the three previous chapters are the introduction to the story, meet the characters and relate to their goals. Instead, this episode had the task of getting us to the beginning of it all and giving us the first impressions and clues of the past that need to be changed in order to achieve the desired future.

Before I close this review, I have to say that I am enjoying the adaptation of this story. I'm not going to say it has the best animation, but the script is as expected and doesn't leave out the essentials. Akkun's suicide is a very heavy blow to Takemichi and they managed to portray him very well. You don't forget to watch everything that fascinates us like the hint of Kisaki in the shade. Takemichi's frustration and newfound determination is something we need to move this forward because, in the end, Takemichi is someone who acts with greater conviction when doing so with others in mind.

Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ ニ メ 「リ ベ ベ ベ ジ ジ ャ ー ズ」

Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter. Tell me, what did you think of this episode? What was your favorite moment in this chapter? I was having too much fun when Takemichi mistook Naoto for Hina and took her hand. Do you think Takemichi can get Kisaki away from Mikey? Are you ready for the Möbius Arch? Because I do.


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