A few months ago, Shueisha announced that the first trailer for Dr. Stone Stone Wars, the new season of the anime starring scientist Senku Ishigami, will be released on October 11th. Today as promised A new video with many unreleased scenes from season 2 has arrivedin which the presence of an episode 0 was even confirmed.

Below you can take a look at the trailer that shows Senku and his group battling former athlete Homura, now in the service of the Tsukasa Empire. The team makes it thanks Senku's new invention but due to the protagonist's lack of physical abilities, he makes it go away without too many problems. At the end of the video, the presence of the aforementioned "Episode Zero" is confirmed, likely a recap of the events of the first season.

Dr. Stone's first season was very well receivedand even won the "Anime with Best Protagonist" award at the 2020 Crunchyroll Awards. The second that comes during the winter season, should again consist of 24 episodes and adjust the events in volumes 7-12.

What do you think about it? Wait for the new season of Dr. Stone? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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