The Jump Festa 2021 will take place, and apparently Dragon Ball will be one of the protagonists of the important convention that deals with anime, manga and video games. Indeed, a few moments ago The presence of a panel dedicated to the series was indirectly confirmedand fans around the world kept their fingers crossed and hoped for an announcement.

At the moment there is no information on the possible Dragon Ball lineup, but the presence seems to be practically confirmed by the official picture below showing them Goten and Trunks remind fans to keep following the official Jump Festa profile. Dragon Ball does not usually skip events of this type, so expecting some news on one or more fronts is reasonable.

Of course, the fan-coveted announcement concerns the sequel to the Dragon Ball super anime, which has been on the air for several months now and is believed to be in production. Also, between the Broly saga and the Moro saga, there seems to be enough material to talk about a new television series. We remind you that according to the latest rumors, Dragon Ball Super 2 will be released in the summer of 2021.

In any case, it will still be interesting to find out what this pure digital edition of the Jump Festa has in store. The dates, as announced a few months ago, will be December 19th and 20th, 2020. The names of the congress participants will be announced in the first half of December.

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