The fourth season of Date A Live is official, and apparently the release date will even be announced in a few months. The news came straight from the profile of the reliable lick Spytrue what recently indicated this by the post visible below Spring 2021 as the release period of the new episodes.

The first season of Date A Live (2013) adapted the first four volumes of Koshi Tachibana's easy novel, while the second, which aired a year later, continued the story by adapting the next three. After a five-year hiatus, the period in which the original film was released Date A Live The film: Mayuri Judgmentthe anime is back with a third season, which has implemented five more volumes a little more quickly. A total of 12 of the 22 volumes available have currently been customized, and season four is likely to continue the story by customizing four more.

The Date A live anime never stopped, however. Last August, the first part of the film Date A Bullet, a spin-off of the main series starring the charismatic Kurumi Tokisaki, aired in Japan, and the second and final part was entitled Date A Bullet: Nightmare or Queen.

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