Doraemon: Star Comics announces Volume 0 for the character’s 50th anniversary

A big surprise for fans of DORAEMON! DORAEMON VOLUME 0 arrives in Italy and was published by Shogakukhan Publishing House in Japan in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the master Fujiko F Fujio's blue cat.

Fujiko F Fujio is the pseudonym of the Japanese manga artist Hiroshi Fujimoto. Fujimoto was born on December 1 in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. In his life he has received many awards like Japan Cartoonists Association Award for Excellence in 1973 the Shogakukan Manga Award (1982) andOsamu Tezuka Culture Prize 1997 thanks to the character of Doraemon, from whom he continued to write until his death in 1996.

Doraemon has always been a character loved by young and old and who, with his compassion, was able to tackle serious problems such as courage and respect without forgetting about environmental issues.

DORAEMON VOLUME 0 is published by Star comicsand collects six different editions of the first episode of The Space Cat. The register contains some color pages, unpublished content, and the manga documentation The birth of Doraemonwhereby we will discover the origins of the famous comic book that tells the adventures of Nobita and his friends. It will be available in the comic book store and campfire on November 4th Lucca changes in 2020 and from November 18th in bookstores and online shops.

Where will Doraemon rank in the easiest to spot anime? Did you know that there is a disturbing legend about the lost episode of Doraemon?

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