Episode 293 of Boruto ended the first part of the anime which started in April 2017. There is no official date for the Studio Pierrot series yetbut a leak circulating online suggests production could return before the end of the year.

There Boruto's weekly broadcast has been discontinued to make room for the Naruto 20th Anniversary celebrations. The animation studio responsible for the two Masashi Kishimoto series has indeed revealed that it has four original episodes of the Naruto anime on its hands. Not much is known about these unreleased episodes at the moment, other than that they will be released in the month Sep 2023.

According to the leak you will find at the end of the article, theThe Boruto anime will return right after the four Naruto episodes Arriving in September. The date for the expected return is therefore fixed October 2023. However, the second part of Boruto will not continue the Assault of Code arc as suggested by the leaker, but will start a new thread of original sagas.

Boruto Part 2 will return with a story arc centered on Sarada and on his third Tomoe, which he already activates in the manga in the fight with Boro. Next comes a second arch of the Funatos and then a Time Slip in which Boruto will somehow participate in the events of Naruto Shippuden.

Even if the date of return seems probable, these original tales are not convincing. Getting the third Tomoe is very important for Sarada, however Exposing code to attack would make very little sense. Also, the Funato arc has already reached its conclusion and a second part wouldn't make sense.

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