In these first months of the new year theThe Japanese animation industry has achieved a great victory. Chinese authorities have arrested four people believed to be linked to the largest illegal anime streaming site.

In 2022, piracy continued to hurt the Japanese anime industry illegal distribution of content which would otherwise only be visible for a fee. However, it seems that piracy has been hit hard in the past few hours.

The birth of IAPO, the World Organization against Anime and Manga Piracy, and that of various other associations seems to have had and is reaching the desired impact Addressing one of the anime industry's biggest dilemmas.

According to a recent release from Japan's Content Overseas Distribution Association, an organization that aims to reduce global piracy and encourage the legal distribution of Japanese content, the Public Security Bureau of China's Jiangsu Province has done so arrested four people suspected of involvement in one of the largest anime piracy sites.

One of those arrested admitted to running the pirate site, which shut down earlier this week, dealing a serious blow to piracy. The site, active since 2008, had last year totaled more than 300 million views of illegal content. It is therefore a big day not only for the anime industry but also for all fans.

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