The golden armor reflects the power of the zodiac signs. So there are 12 warriors that get the honor of protecting the houses, but there are also some special features. After checking Mu of Aries and the bull rider Taurus Aldebaran, we move on to the 3rd house with Canon and Saga of The Knights of the Zodiac.

Unlike the others, the house of the twins is inhabited by two warriors, actually two twins. In Saint Seiya we know both canon and sagaone is a good twin, the other the evil one, who among other things started the long and dangerous arc of the twelve houses to usurp the role of Athena.

Saga was one of the strongest Knights of the Zodiac his generation and beyond; inside it has both a good side and an extremely bad side and has become the victim of many internal conflicts precisely because of this bipolarity. He was the main villain of the first phase of Saint Seiya and after his death the twins' armor was left to his twin brother Kanon.

However, Kanon does not immediately accept this role and first becomes the sea dragon Kanon, servant of Poseidon, and only later did it become the canon of the twins. He, too, will return with anger to the saga of Hades, where he will allow the Bronze Knights to advance towards Elysium while he takes care of defeating Radamante, who dies from an explosion.

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