in manga service only sunday from the publisher Shogakukanthe author ONE released a comic to promote the third season of the anime adaptation of Mob Psycho 100. The comic includes an announcement about an official fan book to be released on November 17 and a section about "questions and answers' with the author.

Other questions raised for the fan book include: "What does Mob want to do in the future?", "Why does Dimple stay on this plane of existence?"Y"What is the relationship between Sho and Ritsu?β€œ. ONE will also share behind-the-scenes stories about the manga's helpers and their usual work environment, as well as their comments on the manga's setting and story. The statement also announces illustrations by well-known manga artists, including "this" mainstream artist.

However, little data has been disclosed in this regard, but Warner Bros Japan released a full promotional video for the third season of Mob Psycho 100performed by the characters Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama, Arataka dance, dimples (ekubo) and more new characters. The video also features the opening theme titled "1" performed by MOB CHOIR.

ONE published the original manga through the magazine only sunday from the publisher Shogakukan between April 2012 and December 2017, compilation of the work in a total of sixteen volumes. The twelve-episode animated adaptation was produced by Studios BONELed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and scripts written by Hiroshi Sekopremiered in July 2016. A thirteen-episode second season shared the same production team and was released in January 2019.

production team

  • Takahiro Hasui (Bungo Stray Dogs, Sk8 the Infinity) is responsible for directing this third season at the studios BONE.
  • Hiroshi Seko (Darling in the FranXX, Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi, Jujutsu Kaisen) is responsible for writing and supervising the screenplays.
  • Yoshimichi Kameda, Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Y Kenji kawai They return to take care of character design, sound direction, and soundtrack composition.
Mob Psycho 100

Synopsis for Mob Psycho 100 III

Mob is busy with school life and a part-time job as an exorcist. Meanwhile, Reigen and Serizawa, the new hire, deal with the strange inquiries that keep coming in at the Liquor and Addiction Information Bureau. Meanwhile, a gigantic broccoli tree perched in the middle of town is revered as a "divine tree" and attracts townspeople. When Ekubo disappears from mob sight again, the cult of psychological helmets gains new momentum. Mob senses the danger in town and heads to Broccoli. What is really going on inside the sacred tree……? "One and only one" friendship, love and about yourself; Mob's youth explodes in this third installment in the series!

Font: Weird Natalie

(c) ONEγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌγ€Œγƒ’γƒ–γ‚΅γ‚€γ‚³100 β…’γ€θ£½δ½œε§”ε“‘δΌš

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