With the escape of All For One from Tartarus in My Hero Academia 6x15, the society of heroes has plunged into chaos. Cities have been overrun by criminals previously handcuffed, but law enforcement is too few and busy on too many fronts. the Japan needs its heroes.

Episode 16 of My Hero Academia Season 6 brings viewers closer to that Hawk's mysterious past, pseudonym of Keigo Takami. The current Number Two was raised by a family of petty criminals but succumbed to heroism thanks to the character of Endeavor. Only the flame hero is the one who faces the worst situation of all.

The wounds suffered by Number One in the war are very serious, but although he is still in a hospital bed his condition is stable. What is not stable is his soul instead, plagued by the pains of the past and the revelation about his son, Toya Todoroki.

The fault of The Hero Society's defeat was inflicted on Endeavorwho tearfully confronted the skeletons in her closet. Crazy Dabi is his son, the beloved firstborn who he believed died in an accident.

While contemplating giving it all up, Enji Todoroki is approached by his other sons. Shoto, Natsuo and Fuyumi shed their former hatred to visit their father and face the serious desperate situation. The three brothers are also accompanied by their mother Rei talk about the Todoroki family and their son Toya.

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