Hajime Isayama built a bloody and violent universe, but also full of secrets and secrets. One of them revolves around the nine giants, other creatures as man-eating monsters that seem to have no brains. In addition, these have special powers that are displayed several times during the attack of the giants.

The attack of the giants 4 arrived with the first episode on VVVVID. After waiting a few days for the release in Japan, we were finally able to watch the new story, this time animated by Studio MAPPA. We see some old friends like Reiner and Zeke as well as some new characters. And we see one too Make known already in the hands of a new character.

Indeed, during the battle in the fortress that new giant pine. The creature has a small body compared to other monsters, but is much more agile and agile, with long and resilient claws to attack more effectively. Long blond hair with a beard and, above all, a large plaque around the face, jaw and lower jaw, from which the name comes. The intervention was necessary to save Gabi, who had thrown herself forward to cut off enemy supply lines.

Now Few giants are missing in the anime Attack of the Giants and all of them will show up in this fourth and final season.

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