A year has passed since the end of the first season of Demon Slayer. In addition to Tanjiro and Nezuko, the two Kamado brothers who are the protagonists of the story, we met many other characters in this world who are haunted by demons. And many of them are demon hunters, perfectly trained swordsmen who risk their lives.

The strongest of these hunters are called Hashira, which means pillars. The strongest fighters of the demon slayers They are characters who never withdraw from danger and are able to defeat even the strongest demons with their own skills and inclinations. One of the pillars introduced by Demon Slayer in the last phase: Kimetsu no Yaiba is Kocho Shinobu, a woman with a small and slim physique who does not fight for her physicality like her other colleagues.

We saw it in action in the arch of Mount Natagumo after the battle between Rui and Tanjiro Shinobu shows his ability to use poison. Shinobu is graceful as a butterfly and has fascinated many Demon Slayer fans. Will he make it in the cosplay created by Aka Purin? Below we see a photo with that Shinobu Kocho Cosplay from Demon Slayer where her very purple eyes sparkle, but the hairstyle, sword and clothing were very detailed. And if you want the character by your side, a Kocho Shinobu figure is now available.

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