When the heroes were cornered, a newcomer was needed to assist Deku and the others who faced Shigaraki and his Nomu. And in My Hero Academia 291, Best Jeanist is back, certainly an important aid given his strength. But the hero certainly did not come alone and made the fans get excited.

Indeed, we saw the extraordinary return of Mirio Togata to the finale of My Hero Academia 292 after months and months of absence at Cause of confrontation with overhaul. The boy interrupted the Nomu race and raised the hopes of Deku and his companions. But how did Mirio come back after losing his strength?

As many theories imagined, the character of My Hero Academia took advantage of the powers of Eri and already on the first pages of My Hero Academia 293 Horikoshi explains how it went. In a review that lasted several panels, it is revealed that Eri had been training for some time in controlling her power over lizards. Just before the battle Mirio asks Eri to apply the quirk to himto try to use Overhaul to regain his physique before the fight.

The little girl is happy to be able to help and has obviously trained for that very reason.

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