Eiichiro Oda managed to create inside ONE PIECE An extraordinary world, a real world made up of cities located in seemingly impossible places. The author was thus able to diversify the places that the Mugiwara reached in the course of their adventures.

In the course of their final adventures, the Straw Hat crew reached Egghead, the city of the future owned by the world government. However, this is just one of the places that Mugiwara and his friends have reached, a fleet enriched with important pirates during the protagonist's journey. One of them is frankythe carpenter, whose role is fundamental to the upkeep of the Sunny.

Originally from water seven, a town in the "paradise" of the Rotta Maggiore, the character soon became fundamental to the Mugiwara raids. However, the beautiful city itself was recently reimagined in an illustration by a certain sumikowolf who redesigned the magnificent scenery from above. You immediately notice the completely flooded lower part with the large canals from which the water flows from the huge fountain located above.

And you, what do you think of this illustration of Water Seven instead, do you like it? As usual, please let us know with a comment below.

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