Naruto's It's a world of very strong ninjas. The protagonist from the beginning of his story has crossed Shinobi really powerfully and equipped with unique techniques. From the swordsmanship of the dangerous Zabusa to the diverse ninja of the Chunin Tournament, for example, one of the strongest ninjas of his generation makes his debut.

It is certainly among the strongest in Akatsuki Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's older brother and renegade ninja who made his debut during the Tsunade Search saga. He instantly became the protagonist of several battles using his Sharingan's hypnotic abilities. Poor Kurenai was the first to test its effects.

But now even Naruto fans can see what the Uchiha exterminator's trump cards are. This inexpensive Itachi Uchiha statuette In fact, he activates his power and begins to dematerialize into many crows, leaving his victim shocked and surprised. Z Studio made this Itachi Uchiha at a price of €195 for the 1 to 6 scale version, while it was made at a price of €295 in the 1 to 4 scale in both the normal and fire-tufted versions . So the height of the statuette varies between 38 and 60 centimetres, would you try your hypnosis?

And for those who want something more, there is this statuette of Itachi and Kisame together for 1000 euros.

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