Lupine III is now 50 years old, although it certainly doesn't show them. The gentleman thief remains famous in Japan, hence receiving films and TV series dedicated to him. The group of is less popular cat eyes, but still very much appreciated. The work of Tsukasa Hojo turns 40 years old after its first publication.

Two very different groups of thieves but still hitting Japan and the world and for that reason they will now face each other in a special celebratory anime. It will be released on Amazon Prime Video in 2023 the anime Lupine III VS Cat's Eyewhich will bring the thief and the three sisters in a new graphic design.

The official site of the anime presented the former Lupine III VS Cat's Eye Trailer where you can immediately see the hand of character design by Haruhisa Nakata and Junko Yamanaka. The CG anime will see a challenge between the two franchises that will also include Jigen (who will not have his historical voice), Goemon and Zenigata, inevitably siding with Lupine III. Anri's Song, a remastered Cat's Eye theme song, can also be heard in the same video.

A poster featuring all the characters amid the fireworks was also unveiled at the same time, available below. That Lupine III VS Cat's Eye is scheduled to debut on January 27th on Amazon's streaming portal.

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