There are extremely few works that hold the burden and honor of having overcome the thousand issues in the magazine. Detective Conan is one of them, a series that after many years continues to thrill thousands of fans all over the world, especially in Japan where the franchise enjoys extraordinary popularity.

Despite the sensei Gosho Aoyama had not predicted that Detective Conan would last so long, the manga currently has 1054 chapters under its belt, the most recent of which was published last April. At the end of the chapter entitled "The strong individual ...", the author announced an indefinite break for serialization of the manga. Anyway, in the past few hours the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday surprisingly announced the shooting date of the work.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, therefore, Decetive Conan will return with chapter 1055 on July 1st. For the occasion, moreover, Aoyama sensei will dedicate a color illustration of Shinichi and Ran for the cover of the magazine. A piece of news that will surely make lovers of detective adventures with glasses happy. But about the work, did you know that more than half a million fans participated in a survey in the Rising Sun about the best film by Detective Conan?

And you, however, are happy with the return of the manga, are you still following it? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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