One of the most fascinating characters in the entire narrative universe of Dragon ball it is undoubtedly Future Trunks, the lone fighter who came from the future to warn the Z Warriors of the impending cyborg attack. Let's go to discover its origins and its tragic, painful past.

The origins of Mirai Trunks are revealed in the special chapter "The Story of Trunks - The Lonely Warrior", an extra written by Aya Matsui and published in the anime comics "Bardock - Goku's Father". This story focuses on that Journey into the past of Trunks, about his first meeting with Vegeta and finally about the fight with the monstrous cell.

Here is the preface to the extra chapter. “I am Trunks. As long as I can remember, my father Vegeta was no longer in this world. When I picture my father, whose face is unknown to me, I always see him from behind and a new future. , I went back in time. That's where I met my father Vegeta ...! ".there Trunks first impression however, it is anything but positive on her father. Even so, the warrior of the future did not allow the cyborgs to kill him a second time.

On these pages, which are located between chapters 396 and 397 of the manga, Trunks tells the attack by Doctor Gelo and how Vegeta did nothing to save Bulma while trying to get past the Super Saiyan. However, the Saiyan prince has become a different person from those long-gone days. Vegeta is now a proud and protective father and husband, as well as a responsible person. the Saiyan actually joined the vaccination campaign in a TikTok. Finally, we leave you to this Dragon Ball Z horror fanart.

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