Blood of Zeus on Netflix, plot and details of the new anime from the writers of Castlevania

Originally known as God & Heroes, the new work from the producers of Castlevania (Powerhouse Animation) officially appears in the Netflix catalog under the name Blood of Zeus.

Greek mythology therefore continues to be fertile ground for many productions, as evidenced by the most recent video game entitled Hades, which we already talked about in the review. It has its roots in the same soil Blood of Zeus.

As the name indicates, The anime is set in ancient Greece and will show Hero (Heron, in English). Hero, the illegitimate son of Zeus and unaware of his true nature, is portrayed as a simple plebeian, powerless in the face of war and the violence that raged on the streets of Greece after the appearance of wild demons. It will be the appearance of these terrible monsters to make the protagonist discover his divine origins and completely change his life.

Noted by him Relationship with the father of all godsIn fact, Hero has to take the fate of the earth and all of humanity in hand while facing demons and vengeful gods.

After the outcome of the Castelvania anime adaptation, expectations are high for the Austin animation studio's new work. Currently the series consists of a single season of 8 episodes ed is available on Netflix from today 27/10/2020

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