Batman: The Three Jokers, the final twist is sensational: the origins of the Joker are revealed!

Batman: The Three Jokers, the DC talent miniseries Geoff Johnsmanaged to meet the expectations of most of the fans, and closed the story on a sensational turn, big enough to completely rewrite the long, complex relationship between Batman and the Joker.

First, think of those who are unfamiliar with the job Batman: The Three Jokers sees the Bat Man, Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd (Red Hood) team up to face three different jokers: the criminal, the clown and the comedian. Each of these is linked to a specific historical moment and has a deep relationship with the three heroes: the clown is the Joker who tortured Jason Todd, the criminal who paralyzed Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke, and the comedian is the classic one Joker what Batman usually encounters.

In the first chapter of the miniseries Red Hood killed the clownHe retaliated for the tortures he suffered years ago while the three were one step away from the criminal's capture in the second. In the third and final chapter, published a few hours ago in North America, The comedian kills the criminal before he can detonate himselfto save the lives of Batman and Joe Chill, responsible for the deaths of Bruce Wayne's parents. The last Joker can then be captured and reveals a great secret to Batman on the way to the police station.

Joker congratulates the Dark Knight on the success of the mission and confirms that in the end he is the only true Joker, the original. Soon after, the villain explains what his goal was: kidnapping Joe Chill and then transforming the man into a new Joker. was just an excuse for Batman to grapple with his past and resolved the trauma of her parents' death. Batman saves him and takes a step towards acceptance.

Joker calls Batman "Bruce" and To reveal to him that in reality he has always known his true identity. The Joker wants to be the only trauma in Batman and Bruce Wayne's lives, and he will never reveal his identity to anyone because he doesn't want the eternal challenge between the two to end.

Shortly before the end of the chapter, however, Bruce Wayne shows that he was always one step ahead of the antagonist: In fact, he too has always known the Joker's true identityand within a week of their first meeting, she organized a plan to save his family that only led them to believe that his wife and son had lost their lives. The final pages show a close-up of the Joker's family, safely in a residence far from Gotham City.

We remind you of this Batman: The Three Jokers is partly canonicaland connects to the events in Justice League # 42 and DC Universe: Rebirth. However, the comic shouldn't be considered in the next Batman series, although everything has yet to be confirmed for now.

What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment! In case you haven't already, we recommend checking out Batman # 103's first spoilers on November 17th.

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