Denji has just arrived in a big city and is convinced that after a life of hardship he can find a normal life. But the protagonist of Chainsaw Man found himself with one problem after another, from adapting to this metropolis to feuding with his roommate Aki to... Problems with the new power shoulder.

Power's debut was unpredictable, and the devil girl immediately created several problems that needed to be resolved. But then she became a little more familiar with Denji than exploited the protagonist of Chainsaw Man, all to save Nyanko, her cat. This forced Denji to face the Bat Devil in an arduous and brutal confrontation. But in the same episode there is also an explanation why the demon behaved like that.

Power's past is explained in Chainsaw Man 1x03 with flashback. Power was created when the blood fiend possessed a corpse. As she wanders around naked and terrorizing everyone, she meets the cat Nyanko, who is not afraid of her, quite the opposite. Power begins to heal her by feeding her, and the two form a bond. However, the duo encounters the bat-devil and so, in an attempt to save Nyanko, Power is forced to kidnap people to hand over to the terrible devil.

But now Nyanko is safe and Power's character may change, will it help Denji in the future?

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