Digimon Adventure 2020 publishes one presentation after the other with each episode. After all Digi-Chosen had been presented individually, the production decided to immediately switch to Super-Digivolutions. And indeed, the time for MetalGreymon has already come, closely followed by Presentation of WereGarurumon.

During one of the final episodes of Digimon Adventure 2020, Matt threw Garurumon into the fray which, however, required the Super Digivolution to overthrow his opponent. With the evolution comes the classic video, of course, in which the transformation takes place with a lot of sound.

A fan on Twitter, Haz Baz, decided to share this scene from the anime that is also airing Crunchyroll with Italian subtitles. In the over 30 seconds long video that you can watch below, along with the new music in Digimon Adventure 2020, we see Garurumon being hit by the symbol of friendship that triggers his Metamorphosis in WereGarurumon.

After the transformation, the Digimon who accompanied Matt faced Scorpiomon, the enemy who had threatened them until recently. They appreciate the choice of employees from Digimon Adventure 2020?

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