Fire Force: Okubo’s manga exceeds eleven million copies

Fire Force is one of the most welcome novelties the last few years. The Atsushi Okubo Manga has managed to shed new light on the character of the fire department, the heroes of the real world, and to conquer the public thanks to a mixture of irony and adventure. Shinra Kusakabe's exploits have produced extraordinary results!

The @somoskudasai Twitter profile revealed that the manga written and drawn by Okubo has caught up which distributed 11.5 million copies. This number is not impressive for the high number of volumes in circulation, but because it only appears after a total of 25 volumes have been published. In addition, according to reports from Kudasai, the series will be completely reprinted.

Atsushi Okubo's manga is set in a dystopian future where humanity has drawn the wrath of the planet. The world was on fire and has seen great changes. Due to the rising sea, Japan is shrinking and its people are being reunited under the Tokyo Empire, a city where the Church of Saint Sol and the Haijima industry vie for amaterasu, the sole source of energy.

In this sad age there are several causes of death, however The most important is that for combustion, a spontaneous event in which people transform into hellish beings called incendiati. The fire brigade is a special fire brigade that was created to stop these evil beings and to investigate the causes of spontaneous combustion.

In Italy, Fire Force is published by Panini Comicsunder the label Planet Manga. An animated series was recorded from the manga, which currently has two seasons. The consequences of this work are published completely free of charge on the Yamato Animation YouTube channel. With the end of the Fire Force, the world of cosplay is getting richer every day. Check out this seductive Fire Force Tamaki cosplay.

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