The following review of The god of high school Chapter 8 Contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Attention, in this series you will learn how to get bananas with a flying kick.

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Jeon Jugok opens this episode with wounds that surpass the formal healing of the tournament as Jegal Taek's attack and his shark Charyeok brutally reprimanded the young heirs of the Jeon family and the grandson of one of the six members. Although Jegal's attack was over the top, Park Mujin has no intention of disqualifying him as, in his own words, he could be the key.

During the tournament, a fight will be fought between the Jeollanam-Do group, starting with participant Cha Seokwoo, against the ChungCheongNam-Do team with its first participant Ryu Hyeonbok, who falls into the first round. But the defeat didn't last long when Park Seungah appeared as the second participant on the same team who was very good at martial arts and fought against Nam Gungdo, who fell for his confidence and toughness under military training. Now that the tie is clear, it is the turn of the leaders of each team to introduce the disrespectful, somewhat eccentric and indecent Gwim Gi who heads the Jeollanam-Do team. On the other hand is Park Ilpyo, who runs the ChungCheongNam-Do group. Not only is he the cousin of Park Seungah, but he also takes care of the ancient martial art called Taekkyon. The fight is very close as Gwim Gi appears to have a fairly aggressive charyeok and out of control power, while Park Ilpyo manages the speed and agility of his style and uses the Taekkyon "conflagration from fallen leaves" technique. The victory is for Park Ilpyo as his celebration is watched and welcomed by all. Jin Mori focuses on the symbol of the tiger that Ilpyo wears on his jacket, as this symbol is the same that his grandfather Jin Taejin had on his uniform.

Jin Mori's distraction is evident to his friends as they contemplate the fight and he as stronger as apparently many have a charyeok. Still, Jin does not intend to gain power by borrowing from a god. But that is not all that is on his mind, but concern about the grandfather's disappearance, a message given by Park Mujin who stated that he has been trying to contact Jin Taejin for a long time because he is from Nox was pursued. Even so, they only found traces of an attack that could go through an enemy bomb, but it is actually the strength of a Charyeok ... The same in the form of a sword that Jin Taejin attacked. Although the amount of blood is worrying, its disappearance is the same, and only one arm is found as evidence that Mori's grandfather was dead, the truth is that his grandson believes in the strength of whoever raised him ... But he does not remove the concern.

A random confrontation takes place in the middle of a park just as Jin Mori is on his grandfather's welfare when Park Ilpyo arrives and introduces himself as a fan, while at the same time initiating an attack to notice Jin's strength. Mori, but when it looked like this was stronger it turned out that both seem to be of the same level. So much so that when one does the other, you stop. Apart from that, Jin Ilpyo asks about his jacket, saying it is a symbol of the admiration he has for Jin Taejin.

Park Ilpyo's story is more than sad to admire, because when he lost his father and was abandoned by his mother, he was cared for by strangers who lived in a resentment where martial arts were simply practiced. Because little Ilpyo constantly suffered from the rejection of others for the story of his grandfather Park Iltae. But when everything seemed bleak, Jin Taejin appears with a little Jin Mori, only to approach Park Ilpyo and give him a book on Taekkyon's secret techniques, a book to be given to Ilpyo's father, but in the end it was too late. for what is given to his son. Even so, Jin Taejin encouraged little Ilpyo when he heard that his grandfather Park Iltae was very strong and he made this book himself using techniques he studied until the end of his days ... Although his strength was great, "Jin Taejin is." stronger" . This is the third most important memory for Ilpyo and that is why he admires Jin Taejin.

But this conversation is interrupted because, in the middle of questions, Jegal Taek appears who tried to attack Jin Mori with his Charyeok, but this sharp catch is stopped with the hand of Park Ilpyo. Now Jin Mori has more on his head than that he is still weak and a little distracted. Still, the distraction seems to reach many, such as referee Q, who uses his Joker Charyeok to try to extract information about Sim Bongsa's family from Park Mujin. Well, according to the information from NOX killer Drake, the woman and girl died along with the father. But it's not far from what Q was thinking, as Dark murdered one of the dolls belonging to the blue-haired referee P, who always accompanies Park Mujin as his Charyeok is supposed to make dolls. Even so, Q received fines, receipts, and other debts payable after his home was demolished, as well as a nine-month reduced salary for assault, lack of control, and destruction ... And he won't get any credit from P.

On top of all this, Q meets Han Daewi in his money hunt, who makes a rather tempting proposition given the circumstances, because Daewi wants to get a Charyeok but not only want to be stronger but defeat Jin Mori in a good way, for his level to reach out and help him, so much so that Jin can tell him about his problems and Daewi can help him.

The war has started, because as much as Park Mujin and his umpires have been warned of Nox's betrayal and attack, all umpires can disable their limiters and attack anyone who tries to attack them or attack the contestants. You can also attack the Nox members and the traitor. As Nox announces that he will not let those who have turned their backs on the gods and pretend to be one person, they will attack the tournament and what they are fighting. But as much as Park Mujin and Nox pursue the same ... The key that hauls God and that would be Jin Mori, some want him alive and others dead.

Jin Mori wants to be stronger because he just wants to be with his grandfather, he wants to free him from the tough battles, but even Jin Mori is too weak to get on that path quickly, so he trains hard every day. So much so, that if the birthday boy would pass without pain or fame, but the notification that it was his birthday reached the limits of his classmates, and therefore both Han Daewi and Yoo Mira arrived at Jin Mori's apartment with great surprise. His two friends brought a dresser, cake, and confetti to celebrate their most talkative companion's return to the sun, as they were both worried about the distraction he's been showing lately. Still, Jin Mori had a unique and unforgettable day, as much as his grandfather wished him never to return on his sixth birthday, the day Jin Taejin left. Now all that remains is for his companions to get stronger and for Jin Taejin to appear soon ... More after Jin Mori received an envelope with a card and a photo of his grandfather with his mutilated arm.


Well, let's start with my favorite section where I explain and comment that Chapter 8 is missing or different from Manhwa, rather than expressing my opinion on it. I want to start by saying that from the start the simple fact that Ryu Hyeonbok does not lose to Cha Seokwoo has changed. In reality he wins by giving his enemy a single hit, but here the fight is different and if he wins he faces the closest competitor which would be Nam Gungdo but this defeat to Ryu Hyeonbok. There, Park Seungah appears to be up against Nam Gungdo, who is immediately defeated by young 18-year-old competitor Seungah, but his win only lasts one round as he is knocked down by Gwim Gi (Ayato Yuri's lost twin from Yarichin Bitch Club), but that doesn't end there, because Gwim Gi has the fetish that when he wins he takes a swab or a small glass to stick in the ears of his opponents ... So the referee gives him a yellow card .. .

When Park faces Ilpyo Gwim Gi, he unleashes everything he abolished with Taekkyon and begins to attack his opponent quickly while pondering his memory that Jin Taejin told him when Jin Mori immediately recognized the logo of The Military Equipment of his grandfather ... They also show the scene in which Park Iltae is dead on the ground and Park Ilpyo meets a sleepy Jin Mori. But the truth is that the fight Gwim Gi Park gave Ilpyo was tough, he received multiple blows ... Until Gwim got his Charyeok, a vicious gentleman from his 30s, with a top hat, cape and sharp mustache, more unleashed known as "Charyeok Jack the Ripper". Park Ilpyo responds with this power with his specialty that in Manhwa it is called "Ssamsu Taekkyon" with the "Falling Flowers" technique ... Ilpyo wins.

The conversation between Park Ilpyo and Jin Mori never happened, it was just something from Ilpyo's thoughts because he shows up and they fight a bit, but then they are attacked by Jegal Taek and everything is in nothing. After that the guys go out and indirectly meet someone who has medium gray hair with a huge pompadour and a jacket with the Omega symbol on the back ... that's as important the symbol as the character as it is without pain or fame will pass by their side because it will mean so much that they have no idea that it is of the utmost importance to all that is to come.

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Then Jin goes home and just starts thinking about life, about his grandfather and how much he misses him and wants to know about him, until his friends appear out of nowhere to celebrate his birthday. The celebration is small, the food is thrown on the floor because Yoo Mira Lucia made a mistake and throws Han Daewis out of envy ... They just leave an endless mess in Jin Mori's house. Here comes something else too and that is that Jin is going for a walk thinking of being the fittest when he meets a man in a suit who gives him an envelope that shows a photo of his armless grandfather and is kidnapped. But the most impressive thing is that everything was only observed by the gods from the beginning.

The boy who delivers the envelope was also allegedly kidnapped and is threatened ... I'll tell you this in the next chapter. You know the anime jumps from chapter to chapter and then goes back and tells us the story ... But there is very good, the truth is that some fights are not as epic as the Manhwa but surpass others like well they were recreated and even improved like some scenes. So keep watching the anime and reading the Manhwa because what's coming is insane and better understood thanks to your reading.

This episode 8 covers chapters 56 through 61 of the Manhwa.


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