Now that the series Digimon is back in vogue thanks to the reboot, Digimon Adventure 2020, currently on hiatus, fans are busy creating content on social networks and opening interesting discussions on some aspects of the series that are not yet very clear or that perhaps many have missed.

And while fans have fun looking at the sky and finding similarities with some of the previous Digimon series, there are others who instead leave aside the more playful side of the matter, focusing on give explanations, tests and real demonstrations of dimensions that some Digimon, especially in certain evolutionary stages, can reach.

Often in anime or movies we tried to give a proportion, to make people understand exactly what i Digidestined up to insignificant compared to their companions, however there is not always the real knowledge of how big they really can be. This also justifies it amazement that our heroes experience whenever they find themselves in front of digital beings of such quantities and allows us to better understand how it would be having one in front of your eyes.

The Twitter user took care of our ideas TasisHomeos, which based on the official graphics spread to every single monster, he created a table in which it shows the size and the difference in size between the Digiprescelti, the first stage Digimon and their evolutions. As you can see, if Agumon it is proportionate to a human, the same cannot be said for example of Greymon that although not the biggest, it is seven meters high.

Did you ever realize how bloated some Digimon are? Surely the thing was noticed, but having estimates is a whole other story.

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