Batman The Animated Series, the comic book revival of the historical animated series, has introduced into its narrative universe one of the most recurring opponents of the Dark Knight, DeathStroke. The character shows up in Gotham to help Batman, BatGirl and Robin in an attempt to stop a furious Clayface.

Chapter three reveals, however, who had been the partner of DeathStroke to reduce Clayface in those conditions, by giving him drugs in order to improve his precarious health conditions. However, they turned out to be drugs, which caused him to react to say the least.

Also within Batman: The Animated Series, DeathStroke is described as a mercenary wanted by Interpol. At the moment his plan is not yet clear. He introduced himself to the Cavaliere Osucer family as an ally. Later, however, he personally contacted Batgirl, offering to become his new mentor in the event that he wanted to extend his horizons beyond Gotham City.

Series designer, Ty Templeton, expressed his admiration for the character of Deathstroke:

"Deathstroke is one of DC's most recurring heroes / criminals. I have always loved his design and his story with the Titans, which makes him part of the story of Dick Grayson, and therefore of the Bat-World. Slade is a kind of "Batman with guns, only with a very different moral code. That kind of tension, in which the characters have different approaches to similar problems, is always a fun background to play with."

Batman: The Animated Series authors also stated that the series will fill the narrative gaps in the original. Meanwhile, the strangest Batman ever made his debut on the pages of Dark Nights: Death Metal.

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