There are so many characters in it Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto has given himself a lot to do, also supported by a very long sequel, he has been able to explore many realities together with the people who live there, both the important ones and those around them. Few in the ninja world are as important as the Akatsuki.

This group of ninja warriors who have renounced their honor and allegiance to their villages caused more than headaches for Naruto's protagonists. These highly trained ninjas were confronted several times, mostly by the young blond ninja who was their target by the way. Among the strongest members of Akatsuki there are Itachi Uchihaone of the very few remaining of the clan due to the annihilation he inflicted himself.

The villain will also find himself as one of the most important characters in the story set by Kishimoto, with so many mysteries that then change his nature and ideas. Scarecrow decided to imagine the S-rank Nukenin in this one Itachi Uchiha cosplay already in Akatsuki. The boy is always dressed simply, with a shirt and little more, while he removes his coat, presumably in preparation for a fight.

A nice cosplay to remember one of the most popular characters of Naruto.

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