When it comes to censorship, fans struggle to endure the sharp changes made by licensors or publishers. On the occasion of a special event for the author of FuukaThe anime aired on YouTube, but not without a massive use of censorship that completely compromised the vision of the work.

To commemorate the end of Hitman's serialization, recent efforts by Koeji SeoWeekly Shonen Magazine decided to celebrate the milestone by posting the anime of Fuuka on YouTube, which you can also check out in the first episode at the top of the page. However, Kodansha has released a fully modified version of the anime that is heavily censored all those fan service scenes.

Whether it's underwear or a simple swimsuit, the screen is always on Black box victim Who will move if necessary so as not to reveal details of the female body? Obviously the fans did not make this decision voluntarily and there was no shortage of critical comments and jokes against the publisher from all over the world. In her opinion, such massive use of censorship jeopardizes the vision of the television series.

And do you, on the other hand, agree with the fans' criticism? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment in the appropriate box at the bottom of the page.

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