In previous episodes of The attack of the giants 4 We saw the successful completion of the attack by Eren and the Scout Army on the Liberio camp. For now, however, the reaction of the Eldians' enemies seems ready.

After the protagonist's massacre and his escape to the island of Paradis, the series began to show us the motivations behind the gestures of various characters and to deepen some of them political aspects of events. The final episode then again focused on the children destined to inherit the power of the giants and brought Gabi's mental instability to the center of the story told in The Giants' Attack 4.

While in the eyes of many, the actions of Eren are condemned and there is little trust in Zeke, which is why both the brothers and the volunteer Marleyans have been arrested and monitored if a new threat might come to the island. After the credits In fact, we learn about the plans of the enemy warriors who have gathered around a table to discuss their next move.

Magath informs Reiner and his companions of the results of some Parts of Zeke's body insufficient to confirm the death of the giant animal's owner, but in addition to the discovery of some three-dimensional maneuvering devices that incorporate Marley technology, may point to one of its signs Treason. Although an attack of all nations is planned after six months, the warriors manage to convince their superiors to immediately prepare a counter-offensive to save Gabi and Falco, but above all anticipate the next steps the traitor.

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Finally, I'll report on an inexpensive cosplay of Sasha from The Attack of the Giants.

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