That second course of Spy x Family is successful and leads viewers to discover new adventures of the Forger family. After foiling a terrorist attack and teaming up in the kitchen, Loid, Yor and Anya are ready for a new mission. It's time to return to the Eden Academy school walls and get a new star!

In Spy x Family 1x16, Yor finally managed to cook a dish worth eating. The events of the forger house must now be made space Anya's return to school. Will the little girl be able to conquer other stars fundamental to the success of her father Loid's Operation Strix, or will she be punished with Tonitrus?

While in Japan, Anya stars in the Spy x Family and Burger King collaboration, in according to cour of the anime adaptation must return to Eden. As we can see in the preview clip at the end of the article, the telepathic girl will find her classmates Becky and Damian. However, the latter seems worried about an unexpected call. Whether it has anything to do with his father Donovan Desmond, the Twilight target? Anya's friendship mission will require more than a little effort on her part!

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