There are still a few months until the release, but in the last few hours we have been waiting for the adaptation Blue Orchestra has grown beyond all proportions. In fact, the anime's first promotional video was released online, making the community's hearts beat faster.

Blue Orchestra's anime debut is expected Spring season 2023. The release scheduled for April is still a long way off, but Ao no Orchestra is among the most talked about in the last few hours due to the first teaser trailer released by NHK. The video shows a short sequence in which Hajime Aono plays Pachelbel's "Canon" near a river bed at sunset.

The Japanese broadcaster also revealed the distinguished staff working on the series. Direct the anime for it Nippon Animation animation studio is Seiji Kishi (Assassination Classroom, Persona 4 the animation and the elite classroom). Yuuko Kakihara is writing and supervising the scripts for the series, and Kazuaki Morita is creating the characters for the animation. To Your Eternity's Jun Sakata will be the anime's supervisor and executive producer, while Ryota Higashi will play the roles in which the protagonist plays the violin.

Blue Orchestra's anime adaptation, based on the namesake Makoto Aku mangai, will follow the story of Hajime Aono, a prodigy violinist who stopped playing for personal reasons. The boy's passion reignites when he meets a friend from high school.

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