Kawaki's debut brought great upheavalBoruto Anime: Naruto the Next Generations. As the Hidden Leaf Village tries to understand its role in the Kara organization and the truth about its karma, a new love story seems to be born.

Kawaki is taken to the Ninja Instruments science laboratory Acquaintance with Sumirewho seems shocked by the numerous parallels to her dark past. However, the boy has no intention of being locked in any of the structure's cells, and in order to escape he fights the young Kunoichi. The fight didn't end well for him, however: the Nue, Sumire's "pet", literally tore his arm to pieces.

Sumire manages to calm Nue down and lets Kawaki escape. The science laboratory worker wanted by the police in Ryutan intends to find him before the other persecutors. In Kawaki, Sumire sees himself and feels compassion and Empathy towards him. When she finally manages to find him, Sumire holds the Nue's hatred in check to heal Kawaki's wounds. She also helps him treat a small stray dog.

There is between the two numerous parallels. Both were considered wasteful, misunderstood and threatened with abandonment if they did not serve the purpose for which they were raised. As persistent as he is, Kawaki recognizes that emotional connection too.

However, as we know, Sumire has one crush on Boruto. How will this love triangle develop? Will Kawaki be able to win the girl's heart and be accepted by the nue? Meanwhile, a nostalgic scene leads us back to the first meeting between Boruto and Sasuke. An ability from Naruto has finally returned to feature in the Boruto animated series.

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