L'Kawaki Story Arc - Himawari at the Ninja Academy is about to give way to a new unprecedented adventure. Honda screenwriter Masaya has already announced that a new original anime saga will begin in some episodes of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. Here are the titles of the first episodes of this arc.

Kawaki and Himawari's Ninja Academy arc concludes with Boruto 273, which airs October 30th in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll. What we should expect is still a mystery, despite the words of the Studio Pierrot author. In fact, it has only been confirmed that it will be an unreleased saga, and therefore from the canon of the mangawithout giving any hints as to which characters will be highlighted this time.

Anyway, the first ones leaked online Information about the next episodes of Boruto. But first, here's the trailer for Boruto 272. Episode 275, titled To the Sky Again, is out on November 13th. Will the ninjas of Konoha fly high in the sky? It could possibly be a reference to the Cloud Village.

Episode 276 "Welcome to the Labyrinth" will be released on November 20th. The protagonists of this filler arc find themselves in a labyrinth and have to find their way out. Finally, on November 27th, it's Boruto 277's turn, "Disappearing Life". Will someone's life die? The title of Boruto Episode 274 was not shared, which is how it is issued Interlude between the two narrative arcs.

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