Introduced in March 2022 as one of the initiatives to celebrate 25 years of franchise, the official card game of ONE PIECE has attracted the attention of millions of fans around the world. An interest that makes the game very popular but insanely increases the value of some cards that are considered rare.

In addition to four starter decks, and to the special dedicated to the characters that have appeared exclusively in the films of the series, in the random packs it is possible to find cards of different rarities. From the beginning, the most desirable pieces for collectors have been the cards dedicated to specific characters an alternate illustration and cartoons taken directly from the manga and repeated in the background. Among these, both for the value during the battles and for the release of the film ONE PIECE: RED, that of Emperor Shanks the Red stands out, which has already reached astronomical figures on the internet.

As you can see from the @newworldartur post, several private sellers are offering Shanks paper ranging in price from $1580 in good but used condition $2900 in perfect condition and rated PSA 10. Let us know what you think of the scalping phenomenon surrounding the very latest ONE PIECE card game in the comments.

Finally, remember that to celebrate the anime's 1000 episodes, a special commemorative puzzle will arrive.

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