As shown in the original trilogy films by war of starsDarth Vader served the Emperor and Sith Lord Palpatine for many years and when he noticed an incredible increase in Luke Skywalker's power, he immediately tried to lure him with Vader to the dark side of the Force.

Luke's rejection and the clashes that ultimately led to itPalpatine's apparent death, brought into an immense chasm within Death Star II by Vader, but it doesn't just seem that way from both The Rise of Skywalker film and recent developments in the Star Wars: Darth Vader comic book series The emperor survived the fall, but also had a backup plan to have a seasoned Force user like Luke by his side.

In the previous volumes of the series, Palpatine has strained Vader's abilities, sending him to the planet Mustafar and forcing him to survive without any technological aid, and currently the protagonist Sith seems to have spotted a few terrible truths about his master still alive on his retreat on Exegol. Vader manages to track him down and goes to the planet. He discovers that Palpatine created clones of Snoke and a new body for himself.

There are also A small capsule that attracts Sith attention contains a hand, probably that of his son Luke, cut during their confrontation in Cloud City. A terrifying discovery that could lead to an even more intense confrontation between Vader and Palpatine.

Recall that Panini Comics introduced Star Wars: the High Republic and we will let you discover the source of energy that powers the Death Star.

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