The Dragon Ball Super Manga, launched in 2015 and drawn by Toyotaro and cared for by Akira Toriyama and Victory Uchida, followed the developments of the cartoon series of the same name almost slavishly and spawned more or less the same legends. But since the end of the tournament the power has Manga followed its own story.

Besides the legends we saw in the anime of Dragon Ball SuperThe saga of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol was added to a pier that recently welcomed us, and now the saga of Granolah, the last surviving cerelean, has begun. Will the current phase manage to stand out after the Molo saga had a bad taste in the mouth due to some developments in the final phase?

There Granolah's story opened a window into the Saiyan past which could lead to further revelations. But not only that, this seems to be a saga particularly centered around information and its management: the Heeter, new enemies, know that it is fundamental to conquering the galaxy; We also discovered that there are other Dragon Balls and that the Namekkians come from another dimension and throw old friends off balance.

Even if Granolah has not shown the caliber of a major villain for the time being, this Dragon Ball Super saga can still cause reversals on the face, especially due to the presence of the Heeter and the possible return of Freeza. However, the scarcity of currently available enemies does not seem to result in a return to the old cast of protagonists Goku and Vegeta that will take place again throughout the scene.

Basically, the potential of the Granolah saga for the level of the characters involved is not yet precisely defined if there could be important information and developments on the front of the lore of the Dragon Ball universe. We'll see if Toyotaro and Toriyama will be able to come up with a fat villain or an evolution from those in attendance.

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