Resumed My hero academia With the fifth season, all fans rushed to witness the new adventures of the young heroes of the Yuei. The departure has been marked by a school exam that will face 1-A and 1-B, or the two sections of the Heroes course, to which Shinso has surprisingly been added.

My Hero Academia archived the first fight that the general course student participated in and continued the second fight that featured Tokoyami, Yaoyorozu, Hagakure and Aoyama on the one hand, and Kuroiro, Komori, Kendo and Fukidashi on the other. It's time for Yaoyorozu to get active again in My Hero Academia. However, the girl has been present on Instagram for a while Thanks to the numerous cosplay of fans and models.

After the cosplay of HaneAme and CandyPie, this time the cosplayer Mikomihokina plays the role of the young heroine. The Cosplay from Momo Yaoyorozu The post below has collected more than 30,000 likes and shows the girl in her red and low-cut hero costume to make it easier to use her strength. On his shoulder he carries an iron bar with which he fights and which he probably created thanks to his peculiarity.

What do you think about this Cosplay on the theme of My Hero Academia?

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