A break is currently being taken after the completion of the Weekly Shonen Jump arrived at the end of 2020. A rich phase looms for Chainsaw Man. The work will contain an animated adaptation by Studio MAPPA, which will be shown with a video in June 2021 on the occasion of the Studio Festival. For its part, the manga will resume later this year.

Chainsaw Man's return has not yet been announced, which will no longer be published in Weekly Shonen Jump this time. Tatsuki Fujimoto actually decided to go back to where he released Fire Punch or the Shonen Jump + digital platform and where, until recently, Yuji Kaku, friend and colleague, the author of Jigokuraku - Hell's Paradise was also released.

And exactly with the Sensei Kaku is Fujimoto he lets himself go for an interview The mangaka confirms that he is working on the second part of the manga and that He has very clear ideas about how the story will go on. This will continue the numbering of the previous volumes and will be taken over from volume 12. Since it's a "completely different story," the title could change to something of a Chainsaw Man season 2, although that hasn't been decided yet. It remains to be decided whether changes will be made to the logo and cover sheets.

Yet, Fujimoto has full freedom to draw and write whatever he wants regardless of the result. Mangaka Kaku congratulates Fujimoto, the latter being doubtful that he can draw certain things in a magazine like Weekly Shonen Jump, which initially made him hesitate. All that remains is to see what Fujimoto has in store this time with Chainsaw Man after a bombastic first part.

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