Although the Devil's Reign crossover miniseries has come to an end, some upcoming plots will find their conclusion in Devil's Reign: Omega, an epilogue to be seen Luke Cage replaces Kingpin as mayor of New Yorkand entrust Hawkeye with the responsibility of wielding the new Thunderbolts.

The Marvel Devil's Reign event ended with the victory of the Heroes of New York defeating the Thunderbolts controlled by the Purple Man. Daredevil, the true protagonist of the event, also managed to defeat Kingpinalthough he gave up killing Wilson Fisk at the last moment to avenge his brother Mike's death.

Despite Kingpin was politically devastated by the eventthe former King of Crime has been given a chance to retire from the world of onesie and superpowers and leave his life of villains behind to try and start a new one with his wife, Typhoid Mary, and and thus manages to wring a happy ending from his story despite everything.

The Devil's Reign: Omega epilogue will see Luke Cage win the election and Mayor of New York and create the new Thunderbolts. A preview published by Marvel (which we share at the bottom of the article) shows that There will also be room for Daredevil and Elektra, who at the end of Devil's Reign decided to reform the group The Fist to face the threat of the Hand. Therefore, along with launching the new Thunderbolts series, the epilogue will also launch the new Daredevil series, starting over at number one.

Devil Reign: Omega It will be written by Rodney Barnes, Chip Zdarsky and Jim Zub, while Rafael De Latorre, Guillermo Sanna and Luciano Vecchio will take care of the illustrations. The registry is scheduled for release in US territory on May 25, 2022.

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