In the final battle, Koichi had demonstrated the bravery of a lion and managed to win the favor of the vigilante My Hero Academia. However, fate mocked him. A few moments after this immense joy, Crawler faces death.

Eventually, the Number One Heroes step in to stop Vigilante My Hero Academia's war. All Might and Endeavor form a winning combo in a matter of moments an end to the terrorist attack by Number 6.

The villain appears to have been defeated and the Pro Heroes focus their efforts on rescuing civilians injured in the accident. Koichi Haimawari can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After a long and bitter battle, the vigilante pauses on one of the city's rooftops to think. However, danger is around the corner.

The enemy of Vigilante My Hero Academia returns from the underworld, driven by All For One's spiritual presence. As soon as he approaches Crawler, number 6 decides to do sodeliver a deadly coup de grace. However, his real goal is not to take Koichi's life, but to commit suicide in front of him so that the vigilante realizes that he cannot save everyone.

However, Number 6's final explosion also affects Crawler, who now lies motionless on the floor. Having rushed to the crime scene, will Eraserhead be able to get him to safety?

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