The saga dedicated to the survivor Granolah turns out to be full of details and particularly interesting information, much of which as the protagonist Bardock, the Saiyan, father of Goku, who 40 years earlier, in fact, first rescued and rescued Granolah and Monaito from his companions , have seen then before the threat of the Heeter.

That Feats of Baddack, his Saiyan pride and iron have made him stay on Cereal to fight gas, made him take heavy hits and even lose his tail. However, aware of the Saiyans' innate ability to improve and grow stronger after each defeat, Baddack managed to awaken a mysterious power with which slightly knocked out gasan opponent who proves extremely difficult for Goku and the others.

Pending some kind of confirmation and maybe a name for the form achieved by Bardock, user @ ManuchArt00 wanted to imagine it in color, in the illustration you can see in the post below. To represent the powerful aura that surrounds the characterthe user has chosen a golden color as if to commemorate the legendary Super Saiyan stage reached by his own son many years later.

Finally, we leave you the ranking of the strongest forms of Vegeta.

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