Season 6 of My Hero Academia has started and the anime is going live immediately without wasting too much time. The heroes work on two fronts, more determined than ever to stop the villains' horrific machinations and most importantly, the transformation of Tomura Shigaraki into All for One. The clashes between Jaku and Gunga continue.

Episode 2 of My Hero Academia 6 mainly focused on Jaku, with the hospital and its dungeons in first place. Mirko was the episode's protagonist with his battle in Garaki's laboratory and his high-end Nomu. Despite her injuries, the rabbit gave her everything and was never tame. But the struggle continues elsewhere.

That My Hero Academia 6x03 Trailer mainly shows the events of Gunga. The villa lost in the countryside is the scene of another war and from the very beginning you can see heroes of Midnight, Gang Orca, Edgeshot and many others of the first level. But the ending is everything for Hawks: hero number two enters the mansion and puts Twice at bay, one of the most dangerous weapons in the League of Villains. The Justice of the Hawks will come into play in the next episode titled "One's Justice".

My Hero Academia 6x03 will be released on Crunchyroll on Saturday October 15th, 2022.

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